Crypto-Games.Net Review

Recently, I was sent an e-mail by the admin of Crypto-Games.Net asking me to review their site. If you’d like to try, please follow this link to generate a referral for me.

There are lots of new crypto currency gambling sites popping up nowadays, and its easy to get scammed if you don’t pay attention to certain information. From an investors perspective, putting your money into the bankroll of a gambling site is a pretty cool idea, and part of a larger trend that I think will continue, but funding a bitcoin casino bankroll is also highly risky. There is little an investor can do in order to determine the creditworthiness or integrity of a bitcoin gambling site. There are new cryptographic methods that can be used to make proofs, but these standards are still being tested.

Ctypto-Games.Net is an online casino that offers games in a number of crypto currencies such as bitcoin, dash, dogecoin, monero, and ethereum among others. The are six games available: dice, roulette, blackjack, slots, video poker, and lotto. The first thing I noticed about the games is the house edge is higher than what I expected. If their target market is casual gamblers, then a higher house edge is appropriate.

The house edge on dice less than 0.80%, which is fair, but the return on their jacks or better video poker is 2.09% and blackjack pays 6/5. The dice game is by far their most popular game based on bankroll stats posted on the site, and most players play with bitcoins, although the second most used currency is ether.  In terms of play-ability, I would suggest make it possible for dice players to toggle the % return to make a bet. The video poker paytable should be listed with the royal flush at the top of the table, and why not make progressive bets and jackpots available for all games?  The lotto game is a fun idea, and using a third party to generate numbers is a smart move.

To invest in the bankroll, click on the “your account” link from the header menu, choose the “invest” tab and then “active investments” link from the drop down. From the active investments page, click the “add investment” button. Choose your currency and make your deposit. Investors get 70% of the profit from their portion of the bankroll, and each currency has its own bankroll.  Below is a table showing the amount in each currency’s bankroll at the time of writing. Its still hilarious to see there is more than $1.3 million USD in the bitcoin bankroll of this site. I expect the Monero and Ether bankrolls to get bigger over time.

Coin Amount USD Amount
BTC 1,282.68 $1,314,750
DASH 809.258984 $9,574
DOGE 188,935,208.04 $37,787
ETH 17,429.96 $147,283
GRC 481,018.69 $3,656
LTC 4,927.20 $23,010
PPC 3,441.67 $881
XMR 4,049.45 $61,916

Affiliates get 25% of the house edge for player’s they refer, and there seems to be some decent liquidity on the site. It would be nice if there was affiliate revenue for those who refer bankroll investors, but maybe the site doesn’t have trouble finding those types of users.

If you’d like to try, please follow this link to generate a referral for me.



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