Bankroll Investment Update in a cryptocurrency casino where users can invest in the bankroll of the casino. Its a fun investment for crypto enthusiasts who want to “be the house”. I’ve been investing in the bankroll for a few years, and below is a summary of my current holdings with associated rates of return. Investing in casino bankrolls is a high risk potentially high reward proposition, so take the numbers below with a “grain of salt”. At some periods in the past I had been earning more than 40% annualized, but now as crypto markets have matured (and some would say the bubble has burst) rates of returns from bankroll investing has decreased.


Starting Date Starting Value Gain/Loss % Return Total % Return Annualized
Ethereum 2018-01-16 27.51447173 6.01331517 21.86% 33.60%
Monero 2017-01-05 31.92246242 4.26750090 13.37% 7.95%
Current Date 2018-09-10



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