As of Sep 6, 2019

Account Name Fund Code(s) Initial Minimum Interest Rate Notes
Renaissance HISA ATL5500 $50 1.45% Best at CIBC InvestorsEdge and QTrade
Altamira Cash Performer NBC101 1.40% Best at Credential Direct, Disnat and National Bank Direct
Hollis ISA DYN1350 $1,0000 0.95% Best at Scotia iTrade
Manulife Bank/Trust Investment Savings MIP511 1.45%
RBC Investment Savings RBF2014 $500 1.45% Best at RBC Direct Investing
TD Investment Savings TDB8152 $1,000 1.45% Best at TD Direct Investing
ICICI Bank HIIS IBN200 $100 ??? Not available for RRSP accounts