Opening a FanDuel Account

Today I’m going to open a FanDuel account. My plan is to make a deposit and play PGA and NHL fantasy.

The first step to to enter your e-mail address, username, and password. Once I enter these credentials, FanDuel takes me to a page where I’m asked to choose my favorite sport. In my case, this is golf (and it seems like FanDuel assumes I only have 1 favorite sport).

The first thing I’m noticing right away is its been a few minutes after opening my account and FanDuel seems intent on prompting me to enter a free contest (which I’m not interested in, I’d rather just play PGA for stakes). So I quickly choose a seemingly random lineup of players and enter the free signup contest.

After hastily entering a free contest, I’m now ready to make a deposit. I choose the $100 amount and enter my credit card credentials. FanDuel users can also deposit using PayPal. But after trying a few different times, I was unable to make a deposit using either of these methods. I assume my credit card (visa) that could not be processed (as I tried paying with visa by way of my PayPal account also), I guess my card issuer might not process payment for FanDuel, I’m just guessing. But after I disabled the popup blocker from my browser and tried making a PayPal deposit debiting my bank account directly instead of my credit card, I was able to make a $100 deposit and receive a $20 deposit bonus.

Disney Bets on DraftKings

As I reviewed Amaya’s quarterly report last week, I was pleased to read about their intent to enter the fantasy sports market. Fantasy sports are likely to grow as it provides a more personalized and customized way to enjoy sports. ┬áThe best fantasy sports experience also brings together fun math and technology ­čÖé I was thinking that DraftKings would be a good property for Amaya to look at, but today it was announced in the WSJ that Disney has made an investment for $250 million in DraftKings. This is a smart┬ástrategic move by Disney and cements a partnership with ESPN. The market for fantasy sports exhibits network effects, so users will likely congregate around the biggest and best networks, these are currently FanDuel (partnered with Comcast) and DraftKings.