HISA Rates

As of July 25, 2023

Account Name Fund Code(s) Initial Minimum Interest Rate Notes
B2B Bank HIIA BTB100 No Minimum 4.30%  
Renaissance HISA ATL5000 $1,000 4.55% Best at CIBC InvestorsEdge and QTrade
Altamira Cash Performer NBC100 $1,000 4.55% Best at Credential Direct, Disnat and National Bank Direct
Scotiabank ISA DYN6000 $1,000 4.90% Best at Scotia iTrade
Manulife Bank/Trust Investment Savings MIP510, MIP710   4.65%  
RBC Investment Savings RBF2010, RBF2020, RBF2030, RBF2040 $500 4.55% Best at RBC Direct Investing
TD Investment Savings TDB8150, TDB8155, TDB8159, TDB8157 $1,000 4.55% Best at TD Direct Investing
Home Trust HISA HOM100 $1,000 4.30%  
Equitable Bank HISA EQB100 $500 4.45%  

BMO InvestorLine HISA

AAT770 $1000 4.55% no public display of current rate

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  1. This is good info. Is is possible to put a date? Not sure if this is the current rate.
    I have a money column and would like to talk about HISA sometime

  2. This is great! Thanks for keeping this up to date! I had some EQB100 but they cut their rate from 1.15 to 1.10 so I recently moved back to B2B100. Perhaps if you have the time you could add EQB to the list?

  3. 1. Does anyone have any thoughts with the ETF (TSX:PSA.to)?
    Currently @ 1.22% interest which is higher than any of the funds listed here.

    2. Also for US$, since not insured anyway . how about Money Market fund CIB483 or RBF1003. Both >2%

    3. last consideration, very risky one. But one could put 2k there just in case. 8% yearly return. P2P lending https://www.lendingloop.ca
    Referal code: 97ee7d

    Maybe we should diversify in all 3

    • Nov 4 2021 PSA.to returns
      YTD 0.51%
      1 year 0.61%
      3 Year 1.33%
      5 Year 1.31%
      I’d say that’s pretty good. Plus it’s very liquid, being an ETF. Watch out though: if you’re an advisor using this in a fee based account, is it attracting equity-based fees or fixed income-based fees? What I do is set up a separate FBA for clients and set the FBA fees to 0% so that the client gets all the return. This assumes most of the client’s money is actually invested in something other than a HISA and this is just a value-added service. This is not advice. Use at your own risk.

        • It seems like the Purpose High Interest Savings ETF is not itself CDIC insured, but I assume their deposits are, except that doesn’t really matter since the ETF itself is way over the insured limits anyway. PSA is more akin to a money market fund ETF

    • looks like they are, if you click on the link of the name of each HISA it will bring you to the page of that issuer. If the rates are up to date you will see by what the issuer is posting on their own page

  4. These banks are gonna half to rename these interest certificates ( HISA) if the rates stay down here !

  5. I have RBF2014 in my self-directed TFSA – Can’t find current interest rate for this in the RBC website.
    Any info will be appreciated. Many Thanks

  6. Maybe borrow rates from here too.
    *Avoid Scotia at all costs. Their reps knows nothing. No one can help. Nothing is a straight answer. It also feels like they do everything by pen and pencil. I had a similar experience at Meridian with their glitchy website. Transactions cannot be cancelled (but the website will tell you it did. I had 5 NSF because of their website I did one to prove my point. They did not want to recognize the issue. I am sure it still be doing it).
    Tangerine is good. Although their non promo rate is much lower.

  7. Old investor advice…do not deposit money in the bank …buy Canadian bank shares
    That advice has been correct the last 50 years or more

    • I agree, that’s good advice, but some investors just can’t stomach the risk, they feel safer keeping their cash on deposit, but ultimately that’s also how the banks make money 🙂

  8. Oaken is 1.15 % for savings….looks like top rate

    Any canadian bank share has a dividend of 4%

  9. This is an EXCELLENT resource. Thank you for posting. I have it bookmarked for sure! There is also BTB101, which is the F series version of BTB100 and pays a little more. Thanks!

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