HISA Rates

As of October 10, 2018

Account Name Fund Code(s) Initial Minimum Interest Rate Notes
B2B Bank HIIA BTB100 No Minimum 1.35%
Renaissance HISA ATL5000 $1,000 1.35% Best at CIBC InvestorsEdge and QTrade
Altamira Cash Performer NBC100 $1,000 1.35% Best at Credential Direct, Disnat and National Bank Direct
Hollis ISA DYN1300 $1,000 1.10% Best at Scotia iTrade
Manulife Bank/Trust Investment Savings MIP510, MIP710 1.35%
RBC Investment Savings RBF2010, RBF2020, RBF2030, RBF2040 $500 1.35% Best at RBC Direct Investing
TD Investment Savings TDB8150, TDB8155, TDB8159, TDB8157 $1,000 1.35% Best at TD Direct Investing
Home Trust HISA HOM100 $1,000 1.35%
Equitable Bank HISA EQB100 $500 1.35%
ICICI Bank HIIS IBN100 $100 ??? Not available for RRSP accounts


  1. This is good info. Is is possible to put a date? Not sure if this is the current rate.
    I have a money column and would like to talk about HISA sometime

  2. This is great! Thanks for keeping this up to date! I had some EQB100 but they cut their rate from 1.15 to 1.10 so I recently moved back to B2B100. Perhaps if you have the time you could add EQB to the list?

  3. 1. Does anyone have any thoughts with the ETF (TSX:PSA.to)?
    Currently @ 1.22% interest which is higher than any of the funds listed here.

    2. Also for US$, since not insured anyway . how about Money Market fund CIB483 or RBF1003. Both >2%

    3. last consideration, very risky one. But one could put 2k there just in case. 8% yearly return. P2P lending https://www.lendingloop.ca
    Referal code: 97ee7d

    Maybe we should diversify in all 3

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