Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

best bitcoin betting sites

Bitcoin betting is a key part of the bitcoin ecosystem. Since so many different bitcoin betting sites now exist, today, its impossible to say which bitcoin betting sites are the best. Even though there is no clear winner, this post lists and describes a few of my favorite bitcoin betting sites.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a betting site using bitcoins as the currency and it also has many of the bets available with traditional sports books including in-play betting on NFL. Nitrogen let’s users play anonymously or they can create an account. User can only deposit using bitcoins and the odds on Nitrogen are very similar to most traditional sports books. Nitrogen is one of the best bitcoin betting sites, but users should also check out CloudBet. Click here to try Nitrogen Sports.

If you want free bitcoins, then is a good site. Users can stay logged in and use their hourly faucet. At the time of writing, the faucet pays out 0.00000024 btc per hour. Users can keep the site open as a browser tab and set a sound to buzz each hour to remind them. The faucet is actually a numbers game where the higher the number, the larger the reward. At, users can parlay their faucet winnings into further bets including lots of sports bets that are structured as parimutuel pools. Users can also invest their bitcoins to earn interest. Currently, the rate is 4.08% annually, which is one of the highest rates on bitcoin deposits anywhere. Click here to try


CoinRoster is a bitcoin betting site with fantasy sports too. Users at CoinRoster can make bets on golf, the price of bitcoins, and general topics. After making a deposit, users can create their own bets. This is done by creating parimutuel pools or staking their own fixed odds bets. If you’re into golf, CoinRoster has weekly and daily fantasy golf, and golf prop bets can also be made. CoinRoster has a signup bonus on their main page, which allows new users to receive a nominal amount of bitcoin in order to play for free.


If you’re looking for a site that allows users to post their own parimutuel pools and uses bitcoins as the currency, check out BetMoose. Users at BetMoose can post their own parimutuel or fixed odds bets, and they can also bet in the many pools created by other users.


Bodog is a traditional online sports book with a wide variety of bets to make. Users can link multiple bets to create their own parlays and Bodog offers lots of in-game wagering. The reason why Bodog is on this list of the best bitcoin betting sites is because users can deposit and withdraw using bitcoins, even though the balances of Bodog users are still kept in US or Canadian dollars. Bodog users get a bonus for using bitcoins to make deposits, so check out their promo page for the latest deal

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