BTCJam New Reporting

I logged into one of my BTCJam accounts today to find that they have changed their reports provided to investors.  They now seem to give investors the choice of base currency, except BTC is not one of those choices?  So I just used USD as my base currency and then converted back to BTC on an excel spreadsheet.  Why BTCJam why?

Also, without data that is easy to plug into a spreadsheet, its pretty tough to tell how a BTCJam auto-invest account is performing.  At this point, I’m less concerned about particular types of jazzy proprietary reports provided by BTCJam, and more concerned with raw data that I can use to do my own analysis.  I guess this is what their API is for?

One feature I noticed has been added to BTCJam auto-invest accounts is the choice to loan out funds in particular reference currencies.  Depending on the objectives of the account, we may want to ride the ups and downs of BTC relative to various fiat currencies.  Hopefully over time auto-invest programs and p2p lending in general will improve.