Canadian Interest Rates Falling

Canadian Interest Rates are falling with the Bank of Canada keeping the door open to negative interest rates, the yield on High Interest Savings Accounts is near zero. I have updated my page on High Interest Savings Accounts, click here to view the latest rates.

This might be a time for Canadian investors to re-consider jacking up their home and rental property mortgages to take advantage of historically low interest rates, and also protect themselves from potential inflation. Canadian mortgage site RateHub lists 5-year fixed rates from the big banks at under 2%, and variable rates almost down to 1.50%.



  1. Scotia Bank is giving a .25% bonus on top of their current .40% rate for new addition funds into DYN HISAs (BNS /DYN6000 & ADSB /DYN5000 ) effective Oct 1/2020 to March 26/2021….if you can get your broker to not take a trailer fee, the return is bumped an additional .10% to .75% ( DYN6004/DYN5004)

    • Thanks for your comment, if you have any suggestions on how to buy a HISA without the trailer (and not in a fee based account, please let me know)

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