CoinRoster DFS & Betting Summary

I’ve been playing DFS NHL hockey on CoinRoster, a bitcoin fantasy sports site. Click here to view the contests for tonight. I’ve also posted moneyline odds on tonight’s hockey game, you can view these odds by clicking here.

I’m going to try posting hockey moneylines each night. CoinRoster gives users the ability to become their own bookie by allowing them to create their own odds. Users can do this by clicking the CREATE CONTEST button, and then creating a MISC contest, and choosing the fixed odds option. CoinRoster does not rake fixed odds contests, so its up to the contest creator to post odds that make sense. As a user, you might also find stale and weak lines because its individual users like myself who are posting the odds.

Users can also create their own fantasy contests with custom scoring rules by clicking on the CREATE CONTEST button.

Last night I successfully won the fantasy hockey contest on CoinRoster. I entered a number of unique rosters, most at 10x per roster. You can view the results by clicking here.