Fantasy NHL Hockey, Day 15

Finally won my first FanDuel contest 🙂

I’ve been paying more attention to making sure my players are on the ice as much as possible, including being on the powerplay. I played 3 more contests for $1 each. The first contest I built from my own spreadsheet as I had previously. But the second and third contests I built using a free online lineup generator.

I used the lineup generator to fill in in the blanks, and also as a way to remove my own bias. The lineup generator calculates the optimal lineup to draft based on the criteria you give it, so I included a screen to exclude any player my goalie will face. Then I picked a lopsided game (OTT/MTL) and created one lineup with a goalie from each team. Both these lineups did better than anything I had ever created on my own (both over 100 points).

One of the lineups created with the lineup optimizer finished 20/51 but this was out of the money as only the top 16 paid out. The other lineup created with the lineup optimizer finished 5/31, and even better, this contest only paid out the top 7, so the prizes were more top heavy.

Tonight I’m trying something similar, but I’ll pay more attention to stacking. I think the more volatile the better if I’m only entering a single $1 entry into a 30 to 50 entry contest. I’ve got to shoot for the moon.


My results after last 3 entries:

DraftKings $0.00

FanDuel -$0.00

Hedging -$0.00

Total -$0.00



DraftKings +$0.80

FanDuel -$7.00

Hedging +$1.11

Total -$5.09