Fantasy NHL Hockey, Day 9

Last night I lost at DFS hockey again, $2 dollars spent on two $1 contests. One contest was a double up, and another contest was a 3 – 100 player contest. Tonight I’m going to play a $1 51 entry GPP where the top 16 (top 31% of entries) pays out.

I don’t think any of my goalies has won a game, which in some cases would have pushed me into the money. I’ve got to get better at tracking results in a standardized way, so that I can evaluate what I’m doing more rigorously.

This is my strategy so far:

  • pick a starting goalie from a game that I will watch
  • bet $1 against the opposite team of my goalie
  • list three games with the highest chances of going over the most goals, and restrict my players to those games
  • download the players list from FanDuel into excel
  • remove/hide the columns for ID, first name, last name, and the column for each individual team
  • make data a table
  • remove all injured players
  • create new column to calculate price/FPPG
  • calculate and sort by price/FPPG
  • remove all games except the three most likely to go over
  • calculate the average games played, and remove all players with less than average
  • draft players starting from lowest price/FGGP until a team can be drafted
    • filter out any players with less than 70% of the average salary remaining after drafting a goalie
    • skip players after you’ve filled their position
    • for the final pick, skip all players whose price is higher than what’s left to draft

This basic strategy fills a lineup.

My results after last 2 entries:

DraftKings 0

FanDuel -$2.00

Hedging $0

Total -$2.00



DraftKings +$0.80

FanDuel -$6.00

Hedging +$2.11

Total -$3.09


To do’s for next game:

  • write a macro to do the filtering with a spreadsheet