Finding a Winning DFS Lineup

Today I’ve entered two lineups for $1 each on FanDuel, and I’m trying something a little different. Today I focused on goalie selection, and instead of taking the common beginners approach which seems to be drafting a goalie from a team most likely to win, I’m drafting goalies from the team most likely to lose. Does this sound crazy?  Maybe it is.

My logic is that is most users are drafting goalies from the teams most likely to win, those goalies will be more expensive than the average, but they will also likely be the highest owned.  So even if I do garner lots of points from the goalie on a team most likely to win, I’ll simply cluster with the rest of users who did the same. And the only way to break into a the top spots is to have lineups that are both high producing and also unique, and maybe this requires taking a bit of risk with some long shots.  I’m looking to own players from teams least likely to succeed.

In the background, I’m looking for ways to hedge my risk. I’ve bet $1 on Bodog for the two underdog teams my goalies are on, maybe this will soften the blow if it turns out my underdog goalie picks are duds? I’d love to hear your opinions on this strategy, please leave your comments to this post.

This strategy might only work for GPPs with larger fields. For cash games, it still might make the most sense to cluster your lineups with players at the best value, regardless of ownership %.

I also wonder if by hedging with sports bets, I’ll be able to save some of my salary caps by drafting cheap players are teams likely to loose, that I can use to spend on some more expensive players?