As an investor in CLAM coins, I’ve been a bit nervous since Poloniex has restricted deposits/withdrawals of CLAMs over the past few weeks. I’m uncertain whether Poloniex will once again accept CLAM coin payments, so until then I poked around to see if any other exchanges exist where CLAM coin users can trade CLAMs for other currencies. is a mixer that provides instant anonymous exchanges of the CLAM/BTC pair.

Although Poloniex trades by far the most CLAM/BTC volume, another exchange for CLAM/BTC exists called

FreiExchange is a cryptocurrency exchange offering basic trading features. FreiExchange offers trading in a variety of obscure ALT coins including their namesake Freicons. Trading volume on FreiExchange is low, with less than 1 BTC traded in the past 24 hours. FreiExchange also offers a basic API with a basic public endpoint to receive up to date bid/ask data on any pair listed on the exchange. The API does not allow users to make trades or other transactions.

I decided to deposit a few hundred CLAM coins on FreiExchange to test out them out. The deposit functionality is very basic but easy to use. Users have to register a user account, login, then navigate to the Wallets page. On the Wallets page, users will see all the listed pairs with the user’s balances, and buttons representing Deposits, Withdraw, Transactions, and Trades. To deposit CLAM coins, I simply clicked on the Deposit link to reveal a unique deposit address. I sent CLAM coins to my deposit address and they arrived promptly and credited to my account.

Once the CLAMs had cleared the CLAM coin blockchain and were credited to my FreiExchange account, I offered them for sale. To do this, I navigated to the CLAM/BTC pair market and entered limit orders for what I wanted to sell.

I will keep depositing and offering CLAMs for sale on FreiExchange over the next few weeks. Please trade with me, I would love to develop another market for CLAM/BTC trades.