Gambling and Homelessness

I was very disappointed to read an article published in the National Post referencing a study published in the Journal of Gambling Studies since the article misrepresents gambling addiction.  The National Post article, referenced below, implies that problem gambling is a cause of homelessness. This is a misrepresentation because the homeless are more likely to have all sorts of problem addictions including various drugs and alcohol.  Gambling is not a cause of homelessness, but gambling addictions are the outcome of the challenges that the homeless have.  Also, those who struggle with addiction are also much more likely to struggle with more than one addiction. The addictions are an outcome of other mental illness.

Articles such as the one published in the National Post imply that if we reduce gambling, then we can reduce homelessness. But this logic is flawed because it’s not gambling addictions that are causing homelessness, but rather, addictions or all sorts are the outcome of other mental illness which is the root cause of homelessness.

As per the two articles below, about 35% of the homeless are estimated to have had a gambling problem, but 50% of the homeless also have alcohol or other substance abuse. The addictions are an outcome of other mental illness.