Golf Betting

  • 14 tournaments

  • total win $225

  • standard diviation 23

  • average 24

  • highest win $65 (Masters) – I traded thru the whole tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

My biggest loss was -$77 at the Byron Nelson.  The tournament had a shallow field, which may have contributed to a 100 to 1 long-shot eventually winning. I sold Brenden Todd @ 100 on the Tuesday leading up to play on Thursday. Brenden Todd eventually won the whole tournament. My initial liability was $396.  I reduced this risk by spreading the liability to the field during play on Saturday and Sunday. As the tournament was being played on Saturday and Sunday, I would make markets for the various players with long shot chances at winning.  I would start the market by laying the long-shot, then as time went by, and players dropped out of contention, I would transfer these profits to the leader where my liability stood.