High Interest Savings Accounts Rates Update (2017/09/19)

Since Bank of Canada raised benchmark rates a few weeks ago, by this time, all the major HISA issuers in Canada have updated their corresponding rates. The average rate on a high interest savings account that can be purchased through the brokerage channel is now 0.95%. Yes, still less than 1%, but 10 bps higher than it had been before the Bank of Canada raised rates.

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The standout rate among those that I follow is Home Trust HISA which is currently offering 1.00%. This rate has dropped slightly and the spread between this rate and competitors has narrowed since Berkshire Hathaway took a position at the lender. Also, at the recent shareholders meeting to decide whether to issue more shares to Berkshire chose, the shareholders voted not raise more capital. This gives Berkshire more limited control of the company going forward, and also signals to the market that the lender has found better liquidity. This is also evidenced by the rate being offered on Home Trust HISAs.