High Interest Savings Rate Update (2020-04-09)

Canadian interest rates are at historic lows, and the yield on High Interest Savings Accounts reflects this. RBC & TD are paying 0.25% on their HISA funds (RBF2010 & TDB8150). While both EQ Bank and Home Trust are still paying 1.15% each. If you can stomach the process of opening a new account, 1.15% is a high rate at the time of writing.

Click here to view rates from all the high interest issuers that I follow. These funds can be purchased in brokerage accounts, but may not always be available at every broker. Brokerages limit access to these HISA accounts and sometimes restrict customers to their own proprietary products. Ask your broker what is available or try typing in a fund code on an order entry screen if you use an online discount broker to determine whether the fund is available on their platform.


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