Poloniex Delists CLAM coins


Poloniex has announced it will delist CLAM coins by October 15th, and all users should withdraw their CLAMs as soon as possible.

The price of CLAMs dropped sharply on the news of Poloniex de-listing, falling almost 50%. Since Poloniex is the primary exchange where CLAMs are traded, their de-listing leaves a huge gap in the market for CLAMs and while a few other exchanges still list CLAM trading, the liquidity is currently very low.

CLAM traders should check out FreiExchange.com. There are no trading fees and the exchange makes profit by charging for withdrawals. I’ve been posting a shallow market on this exchange, and would be happy to post more volume if trades take place.

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I’m actually not that worried about CLAM coins as long as there are a handful of devs still supporting the ecosystem. 1.5 mil CLAMs are still on Just-Dice and the price of CLAMs is still more then zero, so I figure there is more upside then down at this stage since so much can be added to the CLAM coin economy (which realistically is still relatively small).