SLS Las Vegas is Out of Touch

The SLS Las Vegas is poorly positioned to target Las Vegas locals.  If you’re coming from the west side of the highway, you have to take Sahara towards the strip, which is an unpleasant drive in major traffic. The neighborhood surrounding the SLS is filled with tourists or down-and-out beggars.

What can the SLS offer locals? Palace Station has a cheap buffet and better games, such as some full pay video poker.  The Boarding Pass at Station Casinsos offers players a better payback compared to SLS.  According to, the best game as SLS is 8/5 Bonus, whereas Palace Station offers FPDW, 9/6 Jacks, and 8/5 Bonus Progressive.  The player’s club at SLS pays back only 0.20%, and the Boarding Pass pays back 0.30%.

In the article below, SLS acknowledges the local Las Vegas player is more knowledgeable, so then SLS needs to offer things that can compete with other local offerings.

The SLS is also doomed by its location.  It needs the area to develop in order to draw more foot traffic. Without this tourist foot traffic, the SLS is not enough of a draw on its own.