Sports Connection Mobile – Station Casinos

Yesterday I tried to sign up for and run the Sports Connection Mobile app from Station Casinos.  I was pretty disappointed to learn that I won’t likely be able to use this app.

I went to Texas Station to sign up for the app.  I was greeted at the window with the question about who my mobile data provider was.  I told the order taker that I’m Canadian and that I don’t use a US mobile data plan.  I was informed that I would likely not be able to use the app.  I wasn’t sure why, so I asked if I could just sign up anyway.  Maybe I could switch over to roaming on the AT&T network.  I’m running an Android device and when I travel in the US, I use the Rogers One app which allows me to make wifi calls and texts.  So I’m not using a mobile data or phone plan when I’m in the states.

So the process to sign up for Sports Connection Mobile starts with filling out a form with all your personal information including your SSN/SIN. I fudged my SIN since I figured they wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny the right number anyway, and it was probably best not to give Stations (who might have to disclose my info to some federal agency for money launder compliance or other wire act compliance?). After I submitted the form to the casino rep at the sports betting window, they disappeared to the back room to enter my info in their system.  Players also need to provide ID and a players card.

After I was signed up, I deposited $200 and was told that this amount would go into my mobile account, which is segregated from your other sports betting account.  Basically, you can’t mix your mobile account cash with your sports betting account cash which you would use to place bets in person at the window.

Now that everything was set up, I went to login, but was blocked out since I was not on a US mobile data network.  The app asked me to turn off wifi and exit a list of programs including the William Hill app I use in Ontario.  Curiously, it didn’t ask me to close the Betfair app.

Since I don’t have a US mobile data plan, I’m not able to access the Sports Connection mobile app from Station Casinos.  This is disappointing since the GPS locator could act as a way to verify my location.  Maybe there are extra security features with a data plan that cannot be confirmed from a wifi connection or GPS?