US Fantasy is Making Progress

Vic Salerno has been making steady progress with his pari-mutuel fantasy sports platform. He is reporting steady growth thru the NFL season and is also expanding the service to offer a wider range of bets. USF is also applying the pari-mutuel model to teams, not just players. Pick a group of teams to score an amount of points. If you’re watching college football or NFL all day, you can plarlay your bets using a pari-mutuel fantasy pool with USF. ┬áThere are some drawbacks for players to this type of wagering, but I expect USF to continue marching forward.

The pari-mutuel fantasy format is has another unique advantage of fitting in well with regulatory frameworks of many US states. If USF can gain acceptance with more US states, it would represent a huge growth opportunity. The first mover benefits for USF will end up being a huge advantage. The network effects caused by the most liquid pool is pronounced for par-mutuel betting.

USF’s model can be easily copied online, and the market is currently wide open for a bitcoin fantasy sports site to offer this product.

Businessman sees growth in pari-mutuel based fantasy sports

Vic Salerno’s bid to fill the gap created by the absence of daily fantasy sports play in Nevada has grown exponentially during the football season and is making even greater strides outside the state. Salerno, president of USFantasy and a 38-year veteran of the gaming industry, said handle has grown roughly 10 percent a week through the National Football League season.