Tiny Amounts of Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin faucets are websites/apps where users receive tiny trickles of bitcoins by completing some action, such as watching ads. FreeBitco.in is a faucet site that allows users to receive free bitcoins each hour (currently 0.00000047 btc) per hour, but this site also has a few different games that users might find fun and/or profitable.

In addition to an hour faucet, FreeBitco.in also has a lottery, a savings account, and a dice game.

The free bitcoins users receive each hour requires them to run a simple lottery game, where there is a 1/10,000 chance to win up to 0.04732608. But almost all of the time, users will simply receive the minimum amount. If you like lotteries, and you want to play once per hour for free, sign up for FreeBitco.in

FreeBitco.in also profits from their dice game, which carries a 5% house edge.

Maybe my favorite part of this site, is if users leave their funds on FreeBitco.in, they will earn daily interest, current at 0.0109589% per day, or just above 4% per year. Who knows whether this is some kind of ponzi, there is no way to tell, but I find it interesting that the rate of return is close to what users can expect to receive at the time of writing by lending out their balances as margin loans on such sites as Poloniex and Bitfinex.

One way to boost your daily interest is to make referrals. You will receive 25% of the interest received by your referred users, at current rates, this means about 1% per year in referral commission from the savings account.