Using QCX Vouchers on QuadrigaCX

Transferring money back and forth from crypto to fiat can be annoying and expensive, not to mention attempting to follow anti-money laundering (AML) rules. A lot of the headaches can be avoided by using online vouchers.

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I recently tried using QCX vouchers on QuadrigaCX exchange to give cryptos to my friend and it was even easier than Flexepin. To make a withdrawal using QCX vouchers, login to your QuadrigaCX account and click the Canadian dollar drop down from the top menu, and choose “withdraw”. You will arrive at page with a list of withdrawal methods, one of which is QCX vouchers. Select this method, then key in the amount you’d like to withdraw. Hit submit and you’ll be presented with a unique code. You can give this code to anyone and it will allow them to lfund their QuadrigaCX account. The code itself is kinda like cash, anyone can use the code if they have it, so keep the code secure, if you loose it, your money is gone.

If you receive a QCX voucher code, you can deposit it to your QuadrigaCX account by logging in and clicking the Canadian dollar drop down from the top menu, and choose “fund account”. You will land on the account funding page, where one option will be to deposit using a QCX voucher code. Simply choose this option, type in your code, and submit. The funds associated with your QCX voucher will instantly be added to your account.

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