Cheap Gambling Downtown Las Vegas

Bally’s makes a machine version of roulette and it can be found (among other places) at the Fremont and the Four Queens casinos on Fremont Street is downtown Las Vegas. Players (at these casinos) can choose a denomination of 5 cents. Beware of betting on any of the inside numbers since the machine short pays those. Players should play the outside only (odd/even, red/black. high/low) as they are paid even money. What makes this machine special at these two casinos is the single zero.  This cuts the house edge down to 1/37 or 2.7%. At the 5 cent denomination, 100 spins will cost you 13.5 cents. That’s a pretty cheap gamble.  And since you are playing the machines, you also accumulate slot club points, show up as a slot player for mailings, and get served free drinks while you play.