Golden Gate Las Vegas Tip

I’m staying at the Golden Gate on Fremont Street in Las Vegas this week.  My room is on the second floor with the window facing Main Street.  The Fremont Street Experience puts on a series of concerts each night, and the music gets pretty loud and pretty late.  Since the Golden Gate is a small hotel/casino, the hotel offices are also on the second floor.  While waiting for the elevator this morning, I ran into Mark Brandenburg, who is 40% owner of the Golden Gate. As a good host would, he said good morning and asked me where I was from.  I replied Toronto, but I spend a lot of time in Vegas, and asked him how his occupancy was this week.  He smiled and told me it was good, about 90%.  He asked me how I was enjoying my stay, and I told him it was good, but my room faces Main Street and the concerts at night are really loud.  He suggested earplugs, but I replied that the concerts are so loud that even earplugs might not be enough.  Then he suggested asking for a courtyard facing room next time.  Now that’s a good Vegas tip!