Fantasy NHL Hockey, Day 12

I still haven’t cashed on FanDuel, but I’m having fun exploring the possibility.

Today I’m paying more attention to the “bottom up” aspects of my lineup, this means confirming my picks are likely playing on the first line and the powerplay, and looking for value on players who might be playing up in tonight’s games, whereas usually they won’t get as many minutes (or minutes without star players). So tonight I picked Chiasson (who will be playing with McDavid & Draisaitl), and Yanni Gourde (who will likely play with Stamkos/Powerplay).

I’m also expanding the player pool I can draft players from by ignoring games that are more likely to go “over” in total goals.

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Otherwise, my strategy is almost the same:

  • pick a starting goalie from a team likely to win
  • pick a starting goalie from a team likely to face a lot of shots
  • download the players list from FanDuel into excel
  • remove/hide the columns for ID, first name, last name, and the column for each individual team
  • make data a table
  • remove all injured players
  • create new column to calculate price/FPPG
  • calculate and sort by price/FPPG
  • calculate the average games played, and remove all players with less than average
  • draft players starting from lowest price/FGGP until a team can be drafted
    • skip players after you’ve filled their position
    • for the final pick, skip all players whose price is higher than what’s left to draft