Free Fantasy Lineup Optimizers

If you’re looking for an edge win on daily fantasy hockey, below I review two free NHL hockey lineup optimizer sites that can help you. These websites take the legwork out of picking your daily fantasy lineup by providing you with the tools to generate your own fantasy lineups without having to crunch any of the numbers yourself. Basically, you set the screening criteria, and the lineup generator spits out the optimal lineup.

The key to using these tools successfully is being able to tweak your inputs so that your screen reflects your own daily fantasy strategy.

The first site I’ll review is the OptimusX generator from This lineup optimizer allows users to choose from DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo! daily fantasy lineups. Users can also choose to generate up to 20 lineups, how risky to make the screen (based on volatility of player points night to night), and a salary range. So if you’re entering multiple lineups each night, you can choose to generate up to 20 lineups. You can also choose to make your projected lineup risky or safe, this will reflect your strategy depending if you’re shooting for the moon with a large GPP, or if you want to play it safe in a double-up or 50/50 contest.

The lineup optimizer tool at allows you to draft certain players or exclude others. You can also choose to include or exclude particular teams and games as well.

Once you have your variables set, run the program and it creates lineup(s) for you. You can run it any number of times depending on your preference/goals.

The second site I’ll review is With this site, you can also choose to include or exclude certain players and/or teams. You can also choose to filter players by whether they will be on the power play, and whether to exclude players that will face your goalie.

Seems like the best way to use these tools is to come up with some basic outline of your own lineup, and then start with those basic variables. Once you have your basic inclusions and exclusions (or maybe your goalie picked), then you can run the optimizer to see what it says. Maybe in some cases, it will generate a certain combination(s) of players that you wouldn’t have been able to make yourself. Or maybe you can use the optimizers to fill in the blanks of your lineups that you mostly generate yourself.

If you have any other suggestions on tools I should use or review, please leave your comments below and I’ll try to answer them.