HISA Rates Update (2019/09/06)

Interest rates in US dollars are falling again. I have created a USD HISA Rates page that tracks the High Interest Savings rates available to Canadians through their brokerage accounts.

Canadian dollar HISA rates are holding steady for the most part. The major issuers (RBC, TD) have kept their rates at 1.60% for the past few months as the Bank of Canada has held rates constant. But there have been a few issuers on my list who have dropped their rates. The major standout is Scotia whose Hollis HISA now pays only 1.10% for Canadian dollars and 0.95% for US dollars.

B2B Bank (Laurentian Bank) also has their HISA rate at 1.45% and Manulife now has their own HISA at only 1.50%.

Click here to view the latest HISA rates.